Is boise is a good place to live?

Each year, Boise ranks on a number of top 10 lists. The city was ranked among the best in the USA,. Inner cities, the best city to raise a family, the healthiest, best place to retire, the best place to become a doctor, a good place for yogis and asthmatics, and yes — Boise was even ranked among the best sexually active cities. Get my free advice for landlords Boise, also called Treasure City, is one of the best places to live in the USA,.

The city has taken first place in Time magazine’s “Cities that get it right” and also ranked top on Forbes’ list of the best places for business and career.. The outdoor landscape in Boise is beautiful. The area has many rivers, lakes, streams, hills and trails and not forgetting the Rocky Mountains. This gives you access to an exceptionally beautiful and diverse mountain beauty.

Boise is also more or less a paradise for people who love skiing, as the area has beautiful slopes with lots of snow.. There are also many hiking trails and bike paths.. All in all, Boise is the ideal spot for you if you’re a nature lover.. Boise is known for its friendly neighborhood and community atmosphere..

There is very little crime and the community is very cohesive. The sense of security is very high and most people don’t worry about risks to their lives or property.. One of the main reasons people move to Boise is the cost of living and affordability.. Homes that cost a fortune in LA or New York City cost a tenth of the price.

In addition, the cost of food is much lower compared to other regions in the US. Boise is rich in agricultural resources and the cost of food is usually quite low, while the quality of the products is very high.. In short, whether it’s real estate investments or your monthly expenses, your money will go much further in Boise than most places in the country.. Boise has its fair share of natural parks like the Idaho Botanical Gardens and the MK Nature Center.

Within the city, there are hiking and cycling trails and lots of gardens where you can simply relax and recharge your batteries. There are plenty of picnic areas and areas to spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones. You can enjoy all four seasons equally well in Boise. Unlike most places in the nation that cook in summer, the average summer temperature in Boise is around 72°F and there is very little humidity..

In winter, the temperature averages around 32F. There is little rain, but there may be plenty of snow.. Most people enjoy the opportunity to see all four grounds in full bloom in Boise.. Boise is a thriving city with a rich culture and lots of entertainment.

You can see the latest plays from the Shakespeare Festival, listen to the Boise Philharmonic Orchestra, or visit some of the city’s many museums. Almost every week there are touring musicians in Boise, where there are also many theaters and even an IMAX theater. Boise has a wide range of restaurants, from national fast food chains to mom and dad run restaurants that serve different types of food.. Thai, Indian, Greek, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican and Italian restaurants are everywhere.

Your kids can go home safely from school and you can be sure that your neighbors will be there for you should you be in need.. Boise has high-quality schools and colleges at all levels.. Boise State University is the largest public university in the state and offers both graduate and master programs in many areas.. The university also offers night classes and extended studies for those who work but want to continue their studies in the evening..

Boise is a small town and no matter where you go, your commute times will be short. You definitely won’t be stuck in traffic for hours like in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas or New York City.. Overall, Boise is a cute, culturally rich, and safe city with lots of natural beauty, fun entertainment, and great weather. You’ll find a lot of work here and have plenty of time to pursue your other interests..

Boise is a family town and there are endless opportunities to do outdoor activities and live life to the fullest.. Owners, get a free rental property owner consultation. HomeProperty ManagementReal Estate OffersAbout UsUpkeep Media Facebook Property Management Websites. However, many long-time residents of Boise don’t care about their city’s appeal to millennials from California and Washington. They just want people to stop moving there altogether..

I was surprised to learn how many cool places were home to downtown Boise alone. There are seven breweries, 21 cafés, six wine bars and a distillery.. Former long-time mayor Dave Bidder pushed for funding for a light rail system in Boise, and improving the existing bus system and exploring the potential for rail transport in the area was central to newly elected mayor Lauren McLean’s campaign. The neighborhood is within walking distance of the many bars and cafes of downtown Boise, but super residential, with beautiful single-family homes. For millennials from big, expensive cities, Boise offers a better quality of life and dramatically lower cost of living.

There were bike paths full of bikers everywhere, and Boise even has a bike rental program, although I haven’t seen many rental stations there. Boise felt like a small town when it came to its residents, who were incredibly friendly and talkative.. Boise’s safety, affordability and burgeoning technology and creative scenes make it attractive to young families and individuals, according to Livability. Walking through the North End, which TripAdvisor has called the top hipster neighborhood in the US, really solidified me why people are moving to Boise en masse.

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